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At BCM Security, we provide professionally trained and licensed unarmed security guards for a variety of client needs. BCM has become one of the most reliable and prestigious security firms in the industry serving clients of all sizes across the US.

One of the things that sets BCM apart from other security companies is our selection and training process. This allows us to identify and hire the most capable guards available that also have the capacity for delivering excellent customer service. In addition to our thorough screening process, our unarmed guards are required to undergo Level 2 FBI background Checks and are also tested for drugs. Once hired and trained, our guards are ready to provide the security protection and customer service you deserve.

How do I know if I need an unarmed security guard?

If you operate a business or manage a residential housing community in any location, you need to protect your assets and property from theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities. Many locations realize increases in crimes like assault, and thefts each year. Hiring an unarmed security guard is one of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of your property, employees, and patrons. If you are wondering how unarmed security guards can help you, contact BCM Security today for more information.

Our unarmed security guards are capable of preventing various incidents such as graffiti, loitering, theft, vandalism, etc. that may disturb your business operation. In addition to businesses, we offer our professional unarmed security services for residential housing communities, special events, government facilities, and even commercial property.

It is a fact that our unarmed security guards trained to handle many complicated situations. In addition, we provide additional training so our guards remain up to date with industry standards. BCM’s security training programs include general security topics as well topics relating to federal guideline. Examples includes the power to arrest, observing and reporting, antiterrorism, WMD awareness, fire watch, patrolling, first aid and CPR, communication, and various other standards. Our security guards are given the required training to handle aspects such as guard shack placement, visitor logs, issuing tickets, creating inventory and truck logs, and more!

Our unarmed security officers present in their uniforms so the potential threats like theft, vandalism, break-ins will be mitigated. We always believe in maintaining standards, and as a result, we continuously monitor our unarmed security guards through their cellphones, radios, etc.

Providing a wide range of unarmed security guard services

BCM is equipped with the personnel and experience to provide holistic on-site security services. Our security guards protect areas such as:

  • Commercial buildings and corporate campuses
  • Government buildings at the local, state, and federal level
  • Colleges, Universities, Private and Public Schools
  • Hospitals and other health care facilities
  • Residential and Gated communities
  • Patrol Services

Our security officers and patrol vehicles serve as highly visible deterrents to security threats. BCM Security can deploy branded vehicles like sedans, SUVs, trucks, golf carts, and even ATVs — we can provide the right vehicle for any unarmed security need. In addition to providing monitoring and surveillance, BCM security guards are trained in the following tasks:

  • Vehicle assistance
  • House checks
  • Traffic rule enforcement
  • Random patrols

BCM Security – Your Partner for Unarmed Security Guards

Safety and security is important for any venue or location. Prevent unforeseen security issues by hiring only the best unarmed security team – BCM Security. BCM provides the most highly-trained special event security guards available. We partner with our customers to create security solutions that are customized, comprehensive and affordable. When you decide to work with BCM Security, your security becomes our primary focus. BCM Security specializes in special event security as well as armed security, unarmed security, residential security, commercial security, and even security patrol services. Contact BCM Security today for an individualize quote for your business and see why our clients become raving fans!

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"Their management team is highly professional and very responsive to any concerns or issues we identify. Their supervisory personnel work well with our event management team and to our knowledge, invest the time and effort necessary to hire responsible security personnel that are trustworthy and competent in the duties they are asked to perform."
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