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Commercial Security Services Protect Your Business

Modern business faces rapidly changing security and safety concerns every day. We understand the importance of making sure that your place of business is safe for people and their property. BCM provides commercial security services designed to anticipate security threats and prevent those threats from taking place.

At BCM Security, we provide an array of customized commercial security solutions, including patrols, manned guard posts, monitoring and alarm verification, access control, overall safety, and loss prevention. Our goal is to help keep your business protected 24 hours a day.

Business Security You Can Trust

BCM understands that the need for skilled commercial security guards is increasing throughout the nation. This makes it difficult for many businesses to recruit and retain the security staff they need. BCM understands that in many cases, businesses are required to outsource their commercial security services, and we take that responsibility seriously. BCM treats each client business with the same respect as if we were the owners.

From complete access control to loss prevention, BCM Security provides the protection and commercial security services your business needs. While we engage many businesses, our commercial security guards can also provide specialize niche protection. Examples include security for common spaces and lobbies, parking lots, construction sites, entertainment venue security consulting, gate security, and more.

Access Control and Gate Security

Entry points and gates are the doorways to your property. Without proper supervision, many people can enter and exit your property undetected. A professionally trained commercial security team at your property entrances and exits will keep unknown parties out and send the message to those entering that you take security seriously. BCM security personnel will create this strong first impression, while still being that friendly face that your patrons and residents appreciate. Our commercial security guards can check identification, maintain visitor lists, open or secure points or entry at designated times and provide general assistance as indicated.

Foot and Road Patrols

In conjunction with access control, patrols add an important layer of protection to your property. Patrolling guards proactively monitor activity throughout your location and provide detection of potential security issues that may be happening in real-time. Our security guards can perform regular or irregular patrols, on foot or in a vehicle, your property and around the perimeter to ensure that all potential threats are detected in a timely manner. BCM’s security personnel can monitor traffic and parking controls, identify suspicious behavior and help prevent deter security threats.

Emergency Response

In the unfortunate event of an emergency, residential security guards can serve as first responders to any unusual or dangerous incident. Their training and expertise allows them to secure the scene quickly and collect the necessary information that will assist law enforcement when they arrive on the scene. BCM’s security guards also help law enforcement by ensuring that police, fire or medical personnel find the scene efficiently, so no time is wasted. Security guards can also aid in maintaining the integrity of the scene by keeping vehicles and other residents at a distance, allowing emergency responders to do their work.

A Full Spectrum of Commercial Security Services

BCM Security employs highly-skilled security guards who provide a full range of commercial security services including:
Foot or vehicle patrols

  • Securing property entrances and exits
  • Maintaining visitor and vendor logs
  • Responding to suspicious activity
  • Managing emergency situations
  • Partnering with law enforcement
  • Assisting managers and designated points of contacts
  • Implementing emergency and evacuation plans
  • Reporting security events to management
  • Reviewing security footage

BCM Security – Your Partner in Commercial Security

Safety and security is important for any venue or location. Prevent unforeseen security issues by hiring only the best commercial security team – BCM Security. BCM provides the most highly-trained commercial security guards available. We partner with our customers to create security solutions that are customized, comprehensive and affordable. When you decide to work with BCM Security, your security becomes our primary focus. BCM Security specializes in commercial security as well as armed security, unarmed security, residential security, special event security, and even security patrol services. Contact BCM Security today for an individualize quote for your business and see why our clients become raving fans!

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"Their management team is highly professional and very responsive to any concerns or issues we identify. Their supervisory personnel work well with our event management team and to our knowledge, invest the time and effort necessary to hire responsible security personnel that are trustworthy and competent in the duties they are asked to perform."
Chris Stiffler
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BCM Security is known for being proactive, nor reactive. This means that our team actively seeks out opportunities to be helpful and solve problems. We know that despite the best-laid plans - issues can and will arise - and our focus on proactivity is what drives our client satisfaction.

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Providing high quality commerical security services requires effective planning, preparation, and partnership. We know from plenty of experience some clients prefer to manage security plans based solely on headcount or cost. Contact BCM today and let us show you why our commercial security services are a cut above, and why our clients are actually raving fans!